You are Mark and you only have one finger. While enjoying a beautiful ride with your kids to an undisclosed location the car's entertainment system lost connection to the main servers and you got logged off it! What a tragedy! Now your kids DEMAND you to log in again so they can continue watching their favourite children show "Only one finger John". Be a considerate parent and drive while trying to log in with one finger only (because you only have one I don't know if you noticed) but be careful not to crash! or the entertainment system will crash too!

(this is just a game! Don't do this in real life! Drive safely and don't text!)


Use the mouse as if you were using only one finger (because the story demands so)
To turn left and right to avoid the red cars tap with your only finger on the left and right buttons to the sides of the screen.
To input your user and password use the keyboard (not your own one but the one in the game)
To login tap the Login button

You can drag the sticky notes by dragging them with your only finger so they stay away from the keyboard (just like how it happens in real life)




Graphics sources and copyright:

Sounds sources and copyright:

Music sources and copyright:
Music from
"Hitman" by Kevin MacLeod (
"Brightly Fancy" by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
AuthorJusto Delgado
Made withGodot
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Unzip the files into a directory and execute the executable


Windows version 29 MB
Linux version (untested) 29 MB
MacOS version (untested) 32 MB


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It was quite fun! I love that you have to balance doing things at the same time.

I have a feeling that the controls can be improved a bit, maybe if moving the car happened with the arrow/WASD keys and you have to use the mouse to solve the puzzle at the bottom.

Hi! thanks for the comment! The controls are, indeed, a bit painful to deal with but changing them would void the theme of the gamejam (or my interpretation of it)